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The Knox Volks Motor Club is Knoxville, Tennessee's Volkswagen enthusiast club. Our Club embraces every type of Volkswagen fan imaginable, from the die-hard air cooled fanatic purist to the  admirer of today's watercooled beauties. We have members that own chopped rods, rail buggies, baja bugs, cal-look rides, and insane stereos on wheels. We own Beetles, Buses, Ghias, Cabrios, Rabbits, Passats, and everything in between. Our members come from different backgrounds and each brings some valuable experience, skill, or energy to the table. The Knox Volks Motor Club has a very diverse membership but every member has one thing in common, love of the Volkswagen!

How To Become A Member

We take pride in being a friendly and laid back club. If you like to hang out with great people and talk about Volkswagens for hours, then the Knox Volks Motor Club is for you!

First and foremost you must have a love for Volkswagens! Next, visit one or two of our meetings or cruise-ins to meet our members and see what you think. When you decide you would like to be a member of Knox Volks Motor Club, you would pay your annual $15.00 per person or $25.00 for a family membership, then you are an official member. We also provide you with a Knox Volks Motor Club window sticker. 

What are the dues used for?

We're a growing club so the dues are used for several causes. We have a need for promotional pieces to recruit new members. The club hosts regular "get togethers" like our annual Christmas party. Each year we host our huge, all Volkswagen show, Summer Jam, which is always a great success with hundreds of VWs and their owners coming from all around the region. 

Knox Volks Motor Club is not in any way afiliated with Volkswagen of America, Inc. or Volkswagen A.G. Knox Volks Motor Club exists solely for its members to persue interests regarding products manufactured by Volkswagen, Inc. and Volkswagen A.G. All trademarks and service marks related to Volkswagen are property of Volkswagen. It is not the intent of the Knox Volks Motor Club to infringe upon these protected entities.